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Is it time for a new Science Fiction Channel in the U.S.

which will compete with others in existence? 

The creators of this site have been dedicated, life-long Science Fiction fans.  Moreover, the creators of this site have had success with several startups, have worked in both the Satellite and Cable TV Channel industry for decades and have had enough of the current "please no one, but find a little something for everyone" attitude of current channel offerings.  We feel it may be time for another Science Fiction Channel, one that has a solid business plan, but one that is also built with love of the genre, not greed.


The road to launching a new channel would be long and involve a significant amount of startup capital.  Getting the channel added to lineups around the country presents an even steeper challenge.  However, the creators of this site have put together a unique business plan to quickly gain viewer coverage around the country and quickly become viable and profitable in the process.  The question remains though, is there enough of an appetite from the fans and can the necessary capital be raised to begin the process.


Please take the poll below and let us know if you believe another Science Fiction channel can survive and whether you would support one, if done right.  If you are an invester looking to take a chance on a unique opportunity, feel free to email us for more details at




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