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How not to run a Science Fiction channel...

Below are a few helpful tips to the management departments of Science Fiction Channels around the world from the fans of Science Fiction (You know, the core audience you apparently so eagerly ignore in search of more casual viewers who will rarely become dedicated viewers).  Of course, this site isn't specific to one channel, so programmers around the world can pocket their lawyers, now...;-).  The popular list of "do-nots" below is based on message boards around the world , as well as from plain common sense (of which some marketing executives in certain companies appear to lack).

  • Do NOT rename your channel after slang for Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as Syphylis; as well as slang for zits, bodily fluids and other gross oddities.
  • If you really feel you do need to rename your channel despite having the lock on a great name, how about reaching out to your fans for a new name and let them vote on it?  After all, they made you who you are.
  • Do not alienate your entire core audience in an effort to go after the casual viewer, who, by the way, will never become a regular viewer, by giving reporters such horrendous quotes as "The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,  from Tim Brooks, who helped launch Sci Fi Channel in a recent article by Jon Lafayette published in TV Week.
  • Professional Wrestling has NOTHING to do with Science Fiction...we repeat...nothing...period.
  • Would it hurt to actually listen to your core audience when they loudly speak out against actions taken by the channel such as cancellations, programming changes, etc?
  • Cancelling shows considered revolutionary and incredibly original, for example, one that might involve a human trapped among alien prisoners in another galaxy, while it was still doing well in the ratings, will always be bad business.
  • The same goes for at least three other popular shows on Science Fiction channels (without naming names)..
  • If you must jump on the Reality TV bandwagon, and we get it, it's cheap to produce, then would it be soo hard to produce Reality TV that had something to do with Science Fiction???
  • Producing a "Monster Movie of the week" that repeatedly has the same old plot involving a group of people trapped in a mine, prison, spaceship or outpost...with a cast of stereotypical Neanderthal men, one woman who acts like a man and one gorgeous woman who happens to be brilliant...who all die from the monster (or in some cases, the disaster of the week replacing the monster) except the beautiful woman and the guy she hated most in the beginning...who end up falling in love with each other...does not count as good Science Fiction!!!  Yea...they are that predictable.
  • Gee...maybe being a Science Fiction Channel, you should actually be involved with Science Fiction Fans and actually sponser or attend a Science Fiction Convention, public book signing, movie set, etc. and put it on the air???  By the way, while Comic Cons are similiar, they are not the same thing.



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